GMDXA Membership


Three types of GMDXA membership are available: 

 Full Member - Possession of the ARRL DXCC Certificate is required or proof of confirmation of QSOs with a minimum of 25 countries.   

 Family Member – Additional family members who meet the requirements of a Full Member, but live at the same address of a Full Member, may join the GMDXA as a family member.   

 Associate Member – Meets the requirements of a Full Member and who live a minimum of sixty miles from downtown Milwaukee. This is a nonvoting membership. Regular dues apply. Exceptions to the sixty mile limit can be made (and voted upon) on an individual basis if circumstances warrant.

 Honorary Member - Members who have provided extraordinary service to the GMDXA, may be granted an Honorary Membership. This is a dues free, non-voting membership.

Other DXers not eligible for membership may attend meetings if sponsored by a full member. Such sponsorship is encouraged to promote future membership of those with a developing interest in DXing.

If you would like more information about the GMDXA, just use the Contact Us area our website. Our members are from a wide-spread area of southeastern Wisconsin and we would be happy to help with any questions.


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